Custom website design FAQ

We hope you will find our information helpful. However, if you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us directly.

What do you need from me to build my website?

We have tried diverse methods of getting content from our clients. We found that the best method to handle this process is that you simply email us what you want to put on the website. However, we normally need the content that pertain to your business; examples of content usually include:

  • Your business logo & corporate colors
  • Your photos or graphics
  • Your contact information (to serve as a reference for your current and new clients)
  • A description of your business (to allow web visitors to learn more about your business)
  • An outline of your services/ products (to allow web visitors to know what you do or offer)
  • Your company documents which can be downloaded from your site (eg: pricelists, maps, or cautionary info)

How do I submit content for my new website?

The content for inclusion in your website can be submitted via e-mail. It is required that all text be in Word format and photos or pictures be JPEG, GIF or PNG.

How long does it take to design my website?

The time required to build a custom website will vary depending on the complexity, functionality, and amount of content you are looking to include into your site. You may ask for a completion estimate after we have received your order, and you will be updated on our progress numerous times during the design process.

Do I have a say in what it looks like?

Absolutely, once we receive your content, our designers then review your provided information and create a draft design for the home page (main page of the website) which that best suits your requirements.

The draft design will be sent to you to get your approval and you may send an email suggesting any changes on the design if needed.

Can I provide my own design?

Yes. If you have a design you like, let us know and we will implement your ideas into your website. Depending on the complexity and amount of the work involved, your design will be quoted. Our web designers would be glad to integrate your design into the website for use.

I do not have any imagery for my site, but I want some. How can I get some photography for my website?

If you are unable to provide pictures but need few pics for your website. We can provide royalty images from websites such as for the cost of the image displayed PLUS a 25% handling fee.

How do I market my website?

A website is a 24/7 advertising medium and will work for you even when you are on leave, but you need to let people know about your website. Include your web address in any marketing material that you distribute. You can also advertise your website on search engines using our Search Engine Optimisation or Google Adwords management services.

Will my website get to the top of the Search Engines?

SEO is not a magic pill to benefit from the search engines; it is an ongoing process that takes time, requires patience and regular work. However, we are confident that by employing our Search Engine Optimisation services, you will see a dramatic increase in your search engine rankings.

After my website is up and running, I would like you to add and update new information once and again. What are the procedures and costs involved?

You can just email your changes to Depending on your selected monthly maintenance packages, we will perform updates for your website. However, if you exceed your monthly-allocated updates, our accounts department will then provide you with a quotation.

Can I change the content of my website myself?

Yes, if you have a content management system (CMS) website designed; you will have the ability to edit your website content, modify text, change or add graphics and photos via your internet browser on your own time.

I already have a domain name; will I be able to use it?

Yes you can. Our customers find transferring their old domains to our service feature very helpful and convenient for their business. If you already have a domain, we will arrange for your domain to be transferred to our hosting company free of charge.

Once your domain has been transferred, we will take care of managing it for you but you will need to renew it when due. There is no change to domain name ownership as you will remain the domain registrant.

I don't know what I need, will you help me?

Of course, tell us via our contact form what business you are in and that you need help to get a site, then we will go forward.