Pay Per Click Advertising FAQ

We hope you will find our information helpful. However, if you have any further questions or concerns, please contact usdirectly.

What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Pay Per Click or PPC is the ideal solution when you wish to attract instant traffic to your website. It is an advertising method where your company bids on keywords or phrases and pays only when the ad is clicked.

Should PPC and SEO be run together?

Certainly, it is definitely advisable to run PPC and SEO at the same time. Ideally a PPC campaign should be used first, to find the most profitable keywords to optimise for, then SEO.

Can I have access to my PPC accounts?

Yes! We will manage your PPC account with you as the owner; you can access your accounts at any time. We will never prevent you from accessing your account.

How do I pay for Adwords if I work with you?

If you own a website or have a website designed by us, you may consider setting up an Adwords account first and pay for your monthly Adwords maintenance. The cost of PPC varies because every campaign is unique.

How will my account differ if I only sell products or services locally?

We will set your account up with two different campaigns, one showing in your specific town or region, and a second campaign which runs nationwide where it mentions the name of the town in each keyword. This is to capture people searching from addresses outside your area who are still seeking services within your area.

What is a typical Return On Investment?

In PPC we don’t collect sales information from our client. We just find targeted keyword and try to achieve good traffic and result for the site. We also send detailed traffic report (mentioning no of visitors comes through PPC) to the client but do not ask the client regarding the sales they made from those traffic. So can't calculate the ROI. Our clients verify the effectiveness of the PPC campaign and take decision to continue/discontinue PPC campaign with us.