What’s included in our website maintenance packages

Listed below are included in our standard website maintenance job:

  • Adding or deleting text, photos, images and links
  • Help with e-mail set-up, etc.
  • Adding or deleting PDFs and other documents

What is not included

Listed below are not covered under our standard website maintenance job*. We will provide you with a separate quote if needed.

  • Menu changes (adding, moving and deleting an item in the menu)
  • Website layout changes or modifications
  • New pages creation
  • Menu restructuring or redesign
  • Online forms creation
  • Photo re-touching or manipulation
  • Videos editing, compression or manipulation
  • Sound editing, compression and insertion
  • Website redesign
  • Search Engine Optimization and PPC
  • Photography or video creation
  • Database design, repairs and upgrades
  • Interactive or animated features (Flash showcases, virtual tours, etc.)
  • Website functionality (shopping carts, newsletter, photo gallery, news feed etc)
  • Any programming work (PHP, ASP, JavaScript, MySQL etc…)

*Please note: This is not a complete list. If you require more information, please contact us.